Welcome to my blog; I hope you’ll like it. These few words may help you get into it since it’s not set up to read like a book.

Everything inside is about Brac nature. It is fascinating. Cayman Brac is small but varied. It is richly blessed and worth preserving.

It is one of the few places I’ve lived where any resident can quickly walk into “the bush” and get lost by pushing forward for only a few minutes — delightfully lost. You are in the wild and it’s possible nobody ever stood on your spot before. If you do a slow 360 you may be able to count 40 species. Our diversity is unmatched.

Speaking of nature study in general, it is perhaps the most pleasant and rewarding thing I’ve done — intellectually, physically, spiritually — even socially: one meets the best people studying nature, and certainly not people who throw trash on the path. Nature study is never done. Tomorrow I may find a species not recorded here before, and I will certainly learn more about another.

For a speedy overview check the entry called “A Quick Survey of the Whole Blog”. Each title listed carries a two-liner and if you wish to read more, just click on the title.

Thanks for reading — enjoy. Join a group like the National Trust for the Cayman Islands. (This blog is not affiliated.) Try to save a piece of “bush” or protect an area so it can re-wild on its own.

“Seven billion trees to plant — a fresh start for our planet.”
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