Welcome to my blog; I hope you’ll like it. These words may help you get into it since it’s not set up to read like a book.

One way to read the whole blog is to go to the bottom of the home page, which is page one, and click each page number in sequence. This way you’ll find an article here, a poem there, some photos but no common theme … except Cayman Brac nature! Because everything here, except for a couple of book reviews, is based on the natural endowments of this small island in the Caribbean Sea, or its setting in the wider world. Some aspects of the writer’s “nature ethic” are also revealed.

An overall comment on the purpose of the blog is appropriate. Nature study on this small island is fascinating — Cayman Brac is small but varied. It’s richly blessed and worth preserving! Speaking of nature study here and other places, it has been perhaps the most pleasant and rewarding thing I’ve done — intellectually, spiritually if I can say so, and physically. Even socially: one meets the best people studying nature, and certainly not the type who throw trash on the path.

Like anyone else, the author has had many interests in life — subjects for other blogs? But the study of nature is great. When I was a kid I liked to explore in the bush and forest, and I still do. It’s just plain fun. It’s one of the best things in life and I hope (but don’t expect) there’ll be a great deal of natural bush, with all its secrets, surprises and lessons, for young and old to explore for all time.

I’ve prepared an alphabetical index of titles in the Explorer page– the titles of all the articles in the blog. Click on any one and you’ll find it instantly. But before you drop down to that section, scan Archives section. Choose your area of interest, find an article you’d like to read, then find and click it in the list.

So enjoy the site!