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The Dream

My Dream
My Dream

This land could AGAIN be a paradise, for its native plants and animals but also for its people. There is one small “knowledge industry” company based on Cayman Brac and it could grow and lead to the further development of this industry. Cayman Brac could become a contributor instead of a drag on the country’s economy as it is today, draining millions from the central government’s coffers.

Which of the three islands could ATTRACT FOREIGN INVESTMENT in hi-tech companies, and attract the demanding people who work for such companies, and their families? Little Cayman has too few people and should indeed be kept that way as an occasional, wild and rare place to visit, relatively untouched by large-scale development. Grand Cayman has lost much of its lovely wilderness except for wetlands and underwater attractions. It has a rough-and-ready city and has become just another Caribbean island with a worrying rate of burglary and violent crime. Divided highways have become speedways. There is too much drunkenness. But Grand Cayman boasts fairly good shopping, a few costly artificial attractions and its still-lovely diving beauty. Cayman Brac could be the only island WHERE MOST RESIDENTS COULD WALK OR RIDE A BIKE TO WORK IN PEACE, or to seashore, library, grocery, church, picnic site, pond or nature path. Each of these could be accessed without having to drive a car! If only we had a few dedicated paths for cycling and walking. (We don’t even have sidewalks.)

If the observations in the full report Land Acquisition for Environmental Protection were pursued; if the Brac got rid of some unsightly scenes; if its education system could be upgraded; if the island became better regulated and governed in many ways (handling of waste is only one) … then this could be the island of pleasant outdoor activities, fresh breezes and the beauty of nature … a safer place to raise children, un-gated yet safe communities, and the place where peaceful, studious, happy people would love to live and work.

Knowledge industry people can work from anywhere. Cayman Brac could become the location of choice. Thoughtful people, here and abroad, value the natural surroundings that our pioneers enjoyed, only a couple of generations ago.

This remains a dream, but it is possible. Do the people really want it?