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Full Moon Rising Out of the Waves

Full Moon Rising Out of the Waves

Full moon rising
Out of the waves
Lighting a path

Frigatebirds circling
Too high in the sky
In the gloom the Brown boobies
Slip home on the sly

Three friends on the path
By the beacon are led
In the light of the moon
To set out their spread

On the rough picnic table
They lay out their cloth
Pickles and salads
And sea breeze so soft

There’s the glow from the moon
On their picnic camp
Count twenty seconds —
Two blinks from the lamp

Then they steal away home
Glancing back at the scene
Cliff, moon and ocean
A vista serene

Cayman Brac

Click to listen “In The Tropic Moonlight”

Poem and music by the blogger; music played by Stella Hui, with thanks.