The Candlewood Song
(Wild Trees of Cayman Brac)

The Candlewood Song
(Wild Trees of Cayman Brac)

Ironwood, Fiddlewood, Smokewood, Shakehand
Broadleaf, Calabash, Snakewood, Silver Thatch
Dogwood, Headache Bush, Buttonwood, Bull Hoof
Coconut, Tamarind, Plopnut, Mango

Pompera, Red Birch, Bitter Plum, Candlewood
Cocoplum, Break Bone, Mastic, Plum
Sea Grape, Strawberry, Balsam, Spanish Elm
Boxwood, Yellow Sanders, Sweetwood, Cedar

Whitewood, Wild Tama-rind, Pepper Cinnamon
Jeremiah Bush, Bastard Mahogany
Bastard Strawberry, Poincianna, Royal Palm
Cherry, Wild Cinnamon, Silk Cotton Tree

Cabbage Tree, Fustic, Logwood, Ginep
Wild Sapodilla, Wild Fig, Wild Ginep
Plumeria, Manchineel, Naseberry, Wash Wood

These are the trees that shade us, sustain us
Feed us, cure us, prevent our ills
Nurseries for our precious soil
Making more without our toil
Saving my house when wild winds roil

These are the trees that sustained us of old
These are the trees that lift our souls

jwp (20050627 and 20100124)

Silver Thatch

Red Birch -- Bursera simaruba
Red Birch


Wash Wood
Wash Wood
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